Domo brings your data to life

Domo is an all-in-one platform that combines your data and transforms it into actionable insights. Delacon’s analytics and reporting integrates directly with Domo, allowing you to combine your call reporting with your online metrics to fully understand your business data.

Understanding your Delacon data in the context of your wider marketing analytics will allow you to more accurately calculate return on investment, cost per lead, and other vital metrics. Domo empowers you to draw insights from this data that can be shared in visual dashboards that can be used by all levels of your business, from strategic decision making all the way down to minute-to-minute optimisation.

By combining your Delacon call data with your online analytics, you can more accurately attribute what drove your customers to call you. If you’re spending marketing budget on online advertising that leads to calls, you need to link the call to the source.

Domo allows you to integrate data from thousands of sources, including Delacon, and visualise it to generate genuine insights. You can find out more about how to integrate your Delacon data with Domo in our support site article.

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